1.  Can I bring my baby?

Yes!  Pre-crawling babies are welcome to all classes except Integration  - that class is total 'you' time

2.  What do I do with my baby during class?

Bring your own baby blanket and we’ll set you up with a yoga blanket that you cover and place your baby on next to your mat.  I’ll bounce your little one as much as possible to give you as much work out time as possible!  Know that babies acclimate to the class environment and get used to my voice.  If you’re unsure of how your baby will react, do a first time trial and we can see how it goes together!  Even if you need to stop and feed or diaper change, you are still getting enormous benefit from being in class, absorbing the information and working out!

3.  What do I wear?

Yoga/Work out clothes and we practice barefoot.

4.  What if I need to miss a class?

It’s no big deal! You can jump into another class/location to do a make-up within the time frame of your registered series.  If you end up not being able to make-it up, don’t stress.  Your Revolution Motherhood Program is a process and an entire experience.  You are still getting the benefits of the big picture, community, videos, functional moment and daily awareness even if you miss the occasional class.

5.   How soon after the baby can I begin Revolution Motherhood?

I have seen women 7 days after giving birth all way to 25 years Post Partum.  Your body, birth and recovery are personal and so is your fitness regiment. If you are less than 6-weeks PP and you have not yet had your follow up with your health care provider, then shoot me an email and we can discuss where you are and what would be the best fit for you.

6.  Do you offer group privates?

Yes!  If you have a group of friends and you want to set up your own Foundations, Integration or Intensive program, send me a note and we can get you started!

7.  Do you work with men?

Yes!  Pelvic stability, deep core health and resilient strength and flexibility are for EVERY BODY!