I’m an expert in postnatal fitness, which means that I can heal your body. Yes, yours. I have rehabilitated a woman with four fingers of diastasis without surgery. Pelvic pain, hip pain, wrist pain, tearing, prolapse—I deal with all of these injuries. Listen, you don’t come out of pregnancy and birth uninjured. Using my deep knowledge of postpartum physical therapy and fitness, I can heal you from the inside out. 

But I wasn’t always a postpartum pro. There was a time when I couldn’t even heal myself. 

When I became a mother for the first time, my world cracked open. I found myself trying to transform into a perfect wife and mother, complete with homemade pie on a beautifully set table. That self-inflicted pressure was weighing on me mentally. And physically, despite all of my self-care go-tos—my yoga practice and favorite boutique fitness classes—my body wasn’t healing. Even with more than 20 years of yoga, Eastern medicine, and fitness knowledge under my belt, I didn’t know the first thing about fixing my postpartum body—my injured wrists, chronic hip and lower back pain and lack of core stability. 

So I met with a ton of pelvic health experts and physical therapists. I dove back into restorative yoga, and studied the links between the nervous system, relaxation, strength and stability. I shifted from hardcore workouts to balance-focused ones. Don’t get me wrong—I love a good, sweaty workout. I just needed to heal my postpartum body before working my way back to that level of intensity. I pulled my meditation cushion out of the closet, deepening my mind-body connection and listening to my body’s feedback on the work I was doing. 

Not only was my body healing and strengthening, my mind was sharpening, becoming more focused and happy. By scheduling time to heal and strengthen my body, I was able to listen to my overworked mind. Finally, I started to thrive. 

As new mothers, we are busier than we’ve ever been. Exercise is often the thing that drops off our never-ending to-do lists.

Yet, new mothers need exercise—to heal and strengthen our postpartum bodies and to prevent chronic injuries.

Movement helps us sift through the mind chatter and unconscious scripts—to reveal our essential needs and wants. It allows us to know ourselves more fully. From there, we are able to be the emotionally available, patient, loving mothers we want to be. 

With Revolution Motherhood, I take everything I’ve learned in my personal journey and share it with you. I make your “me time” meaningful by healing and strengthening your body, and by giving you a roadmap to your own mental well-being and happiness.

Too often, new mothers step into a selfless, giving role that was carved out generations ago. I help women rewrite those stories, and embody their own definition of a strong, thriving mother. From there, you can heal the world. You can start a revolution.


My Credentials

I got my BA in French and Economics from Mount Holyoke College, where I first experienced the power of women united in a common purpose. I earned a Master Certificate at Motherhand Shiatsu, and completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus. I have studied conscious living from Gay and Katie Hendricks, and Rod and Sandy Wells. I am a certified health and wellness coach from Wellcoaches International. I am constantly inspired by Martin Seligman’s principles of positive psychology, Katy Bowman’s movement science, mystic poets and yoga philosophy. I will always be a student of these fields, and bring my latest learnings into my classes. My greatest teachers are my family, my students, and mothers everywhere.

My fitness methods integrate yoga, pilates, bootcamp, barre, pelvic physical therapy and soft foam rolling, and stem from the ultimate experiment of rehabilitating my own postpartum body.

You are raising the next generation of thinkings, leaders and voters.  Yours is the most important job on the planet.  I believe that in order to raise compassionate, emotionally intelligent world citizens, we must heal our own emotional and physical wellbeing.  The future begins with you.

Are you ready?