Nothing about my story is unique to me alone - It is the story of mothers everywhere.  What we share in common unites us and inspires Revolution Motherhood.  It is what we share that empowers us.  

I come from a long line of passionate, intelligent, determined and strong women.  They probably wouldn’t have self-identified as feminists, but in so much as they persevered in the face of poverty, death, divorce, the loss of children, husbands, sisters and mothers - they were.  And they are my roots.  Their passion to realize a better world for the next generation  hums inside of me.

When I became a mother for the first time, I was inundated with ideas and messages about how I should act, look, feel and be.  No joke, I would tie on a cupcake printed apron, put the baby in her bouncy chair and set to making dinner, whipping up dessert, setting a beautiful table, vacuuming and literally being the perfect wife and mother.  I was following a script that I didn’t understand but I was inexplicably acting out. 

To compound matters, despite all of my self-care go-to’s, my personal yoga practice, favorite boutique fitness - my body wasn’t really healing.  I realized, that with over 20 years of yoga, eastern medicine, and fitness knowledge under my belt, I didn’t know the first thing about healing my postpartum body - let alone how to be a mother to this little being who had cracked my world and heart wide open.  I needed help and the information was almost impossible to find.   

So, I set about learning how to heal my body and trusted that my mind would follow.  

I hung out with incredible teachers, read, experimented with my own body and practiced, meditated, continued to teach and learn from my students.  Personally, I was healing.  I saw that what I was doing was working and I saw that no one in the mainstream was doing what I had created.  There was a gaping hole of need for mothers to have a reliable source of fitness and health support.

Revolution Motherhood was born on a train ride home, frantically scribbled across my notebook as the vision came to me faster than I could write. 

I live a multi-purpose life and that means staying limber, strong and resilient in my body and my mind.  My personal gateway to self-knowledge and mindfulness is movement.  When I free my body, my emotions and mind follow.

And, with a lot of work, love, sweat, tears, laughter and lightening my own head trip, it did. 

In all honesty, I don’t have time to numb out and be unconscious any more.  I simply need to be on top of my emotional and physical well-being if I’m going to keep meeting the needs of everyone in my family - AND BE HAPPY ALONG THE WAY.   

I am stronger today, with two stupendous daughters, a husband who’s love and friendship blow me away and a body that I trust, love and am living in - truly living in- for the first time in my life. 

What if the next generation of world citizens; our thinkers, voters, leaders and teachers,  were emotionally intelligent, compassionate, authentic and equipped to realize their highest potential?  

That future begins with you.  It begins with you realizing YOUR potential.  

Are you ready?

Welcome to Revolution Motherhood.