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Month Of Mindful Nutrition

  • Birth Day Presence 182 8th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)

21-Day Spring Elimination Cleanse

  • Personally tailored to your body, lifestyle and designed to meet you goals.
  • It works, because you are the one writing it!  
  • Over 3 weeks, experience Rachel's powerful, personalized approach of holistic, intuitive nutrition. 
  • Put an end to your food battles once and for all and begin ENJOYING your life AND BODY!

Participate in person or virtually - here are the details:

  1. 4, 1-Hour In-Person, Group Meetings - The heart of your journey.  Rachel will personally guide you through designing a new relationship with food, give you tools for shopping, planning, cooking and more.  Your weekly group meetings provide structure, guidelines, accountability and support for your cleanse.
  2. 4-Weekly, Live, virtual, guided mediations - This isn't a diet.  It's a month of mindfulness centered around your nutrition and relationship to food.  Taking the time to be still, listen to yourself, feel your breath and energy and pay attention to how you speak to yourself are key to your success in re-writing your nutritional script.  Each evening meditation will support the weekly discussion topics from our meetings.
  3. Full Wellness Intake:  Through reflecting on all areas of your health and wellness, you will get clear on your top priorities and goals for your cleanse.  In sharing your answers with Rachel, she becomes your ally and champion in your journey!
  4. A private invitation and discount to one-on-one personal sessions with Rachel
  5. Recordings of all in-person meetings and virtual meditations.  The content is yours to keep!  You can re-listen as many times as you want.  You can participate in the entire program virtually if you can't make the meetings or easily catch up if you miss one of the sessions.

Weekly Topics and Information:

Week 1: Your Plan, creating your cleanse, writing your goals and vision and preparing your shopping list for Day 1.

Week 2:  Adjusting your cleanse based on your first week's experience, understanding inflammation, leaky gut, deconstructing cravings, feeling authentic hunger and understanding how metabolism works.  Radical Self-Love, deservedness and authentic living. 

Week 3:  Creativity!  Addressing food and emotions, upper limits, fear versus excitement, super foods, food as medicine, getting your family involved, tools for mindful eating in social settings, food as medicine, recipe sharing!

Week 4:  Self-regulating and navigating your nutrition for a lifelong, positive relationship to food.  Consciously looking at your patterns, habits, cravings - what worked and what didn't work?  What do you want to re-incorporate into your nutrition and what do you want to continue to limit?  Living with more energy and at ease - next steps to lead you into summer!


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