'When I began Revolution Motherhood, I felt lost in my struggle to find a safe place to get some real, practical advice on postpartum fitness. After an emergency c-section, I didn't know where to pick up the pieces in my fitness plan.  I wanted a class where, however insecure I was feeling about my new body and role as a mother, I would feel safe and the Foundations class provided that - and MORE.  Revolution Motherhood taught me how to activate my core again and how to focus my mental energy into my workouts.  It was such a huge contrast from what I had been trying with DVDs and a personal trainer.  What surprised me most at my first class was how emotionally healing it felt.  It was clear Rachel really understood the struggles I was encountering and how to address them.

Unlike any other work out or "me time" activity, Rachel's programs are deeply healing - I was addicted right away.  Rachel is genuine and takes the time to listen to you and your body and tailor each workout to the individuals in the room'.  


Rachel takes a very personal approach to all aspects of our practice. Working with her is way more than just about Yoga but about finding the things that I need to work on and figuring out the best way to tackle them. Rachel brings a huge amount of acceptance to our time together - whether it is accepting how far I can go in a pose, or accepting certain truths in my life. Rachel has definitely given me spiritual and physical tools to cope with stress and I have a greater awareness of my body and how to move through the yoga practice.


Rachel has coached me throughout my 12-week program with such love and inspiration. She skillfully guided me into setting, clearly defining and accomplishing weekly goals all while explaining 'wellness' from a unique and accessible perspective. Rachel has such a calming effect which allowed me to focus my mind and heal my anxiety. With Rachel's support, I improved upon areas of my life with which I have been struggling for years.   She displays such a vested interest in making your life's journey more enjoyable and helps to make you happier along the way while examining things from a fresh vantage point. 


'Rachel taught me how to have a new relationship with food.  Healthy eating is a very difficult discussion for me.   I am in my 50's and had rarely cooked for myself.  We started with some simple ideas for meals and with Rachel's guidance and encouragement, I started on a healthy eating program!  She made suggestions that motivated me to try something new.  Together, we developed weekly activities for me to try and then we charted my progress with how I felt emotionally and physically.  A few weeks into our coaching sessions, and I was food shopping and cooking delicious meals for myself!  I even reduced my coffee intake from 40 oz. a day to 20 oz.  I experienced an inner shift that allowed me to move forward in my health and nutrition. I lost weight and got a tremendous permanent boost of energy.  I would recommend this coaching to anyone who wants a new beginning in some area of their life. 


I began working with Rachel because I was seeking to achieve better balance - mentally, physically and spiritually so that I could more effectively manage my staff and be present to my husband and children.  I wanted to learn how to tone down my reactivity to situations, recognizing that reactivity is the antithesis to communication!  Through working privately with Rachel, I have healed an 18-year old back injury!  I have achieved strength,  grace and flexibility that I rely on every day both at the gym and in real life situations.  I am able to do things on the mat that I would have never imagined.  I recognize how my brain can interfere with trying new things and love that my mind and body can calm each other while practicing.   I have become FAR more tolerant, calm and less judgmental of myself and others.  I love Rachel's energy, peace and wisdom.  I learn something new from her each time we practice together.  I have deep respect and gratitude for Rachel and rely often on what she teaches me'.


Ive been doing Revolution Motherhood for the last year and I’m in the best shape of my life!


'As a movement educator, a dancer, a mom, and a life long student of the human body, I do not trust my body to just anyone. In a classroom I look for teachers who invite and gently guide me to learn something new or make a new connection, a new awareness EVERY time.  I'm great at helping women find their strength and reconnect to their bodies, but when it came time to heal my own body, I wanted someone to take care of me the same way- because there's not a lot out there! 

Rachel was the perfect support I needed.  During my own vulnerable postnatal period it was Rachel I chose to take the lead, to guide me to a stronger connection to my body, and deeper sense of myself.  It was for Rachel's class that I braved trekking through a blizzard with a 6 week old because I knew it was worth it!  It was Rachel that not only held the space for me to heal, but also helped me rebuild from the inside out.  I have the knowledge to do it on my own, but Rachel's attention to detail and deep understanding of the body always led to new experiences and discoveries in my own body- releases or connections-  that I would not have come across on my own.  Rachel has a knack for artfully and lovingly caring for your physical needs while also throwing you lines of support for anything else you may be wrestling with emotionally or spiritually'.  

Zoe Levine - www.thethrivingbody.com

After giving birth I was surprised at how foreign my body felt.  I was eager to get back in shape but was also afraid of hurting myself because I didn’t know what was ok and what was too much too soon.  Working with Rachel was such a wonderful transition back into being active.  She provided a challenging workout that focused on re-strengthening my core, while being very mindful of temporary limitations due to pregnancy and childbirth related concerns. In addition to the physical aspects of the class, it was so great to be around other new moms.  I would highly recommend all of Rachel’s classes to any mom looking to feel empowered both physically and mentally.  It was a truly great experience!


I love working with Rachel. Se taught me how to heal my core post-baby and is a wonderful, hands-on teacher. She knows exactly what your body needs in every session. I highly recommend her.


From 10 weeks into my pregnancy, I started getting stabbing pain in my right hip, butt and down one leg. It became progressively worse until, in my seventh month, I couldn't walk a couple of blocks, get in and out of the shower, get dressed without considerable pain. I hoped that once my baby was born the pain would go. But, it didn't. 

Having always led an active lifestyle, finding myself unable to do the simplest of things was incredibly frustrating and upsetting. I worried constantly about how I'd cope with my baby and how I was going to live my life with this pain. Finally, I was diagnosed with SI joint disfunction and my physical therapist recommended I join Revolution Motherhood.

It was such a relief to speak about my struggles with Rachel and the other mums, I felt like a release of months and months of fear and pain.

My life has changed so drastically since I began the programme (I did the mini foundation then foundation intensive). I can walk, I can pick up my baby (all day long). I feel more in tune with my body than I've ever done before. Rachel really understands exactly what I can and can't do, when I should push myself and when I should hold back. I feel strong and safe.

I do the home videos when my daughter naps. I have the mat ready so the second she goes down to sleep I get started. They're a good length- under 30 mins.

Ive recommended the class to all my mum friends and would urge any new Mum to give this a go. It's been such a positive experience for me and Rachel is AMAZING.