Combining the best of private and group classes, I get to know you—your body, your birth experience and your needs. Over the course of these programs—which incorporates breath, yoga, barre, pilates, fascial rolling, and strength-training—I support you through deep healing and teach you the skills, exercises and knowledge to care for your body for the rest of your life. You will walk out of our classes with renewed confidence, trusting your body, mind and intuition. 


Deep core strengthening.  12-Weekly classes, Daily at-home work out videos,
*Pre-crawling babies are welcome but not required*

The 12-Week Program

CLASSES 1-4: Rehabilitating from the inside out. The focus here is on internal healing. Using breath, a foam roller, persistence and patience, you will heal your pelvic floor, open your shoulders, relax your neck, and become reacquainted with muscles that you haven’t worked in… a long time. (They are still there, promise!) 

CLASSES 5-8: Starting to sweat (safely). Your abs are turning on, and you can start to sweat and move with power while continuing to strengthen and stabilize yourself. You’ll learn how to listen to small aches and pains and adjust to protect persistent mom-injuries, such as wrists, low back and neck. You’ll also learn to calm your get-it-done mom-brain and reconnect with your authentic self (she’s still in there!). 

CLASSES 9-12: Building a bridge to boot camp. Turn up the music, and ride that exercise high! Your six-pack has kicked into action, and you are now able to do serious cardio as well as deep stretching. (Ahhh.) You are empowered. You know how to exercise safely and efficiently anywhere, anytime.

Included in the Foundations program:

  • Mama Essentials Kit—a swag bag to keep you inspired and supported, complete with exercise gear, personal journal, Revolution Motherhood-branded organic power snacks, plus a few surprises....

  • At-home workout video library so you establish a habit of daily exercise (it’s only 15 minutes! No excuses!)

  • Personal access to Rachel’s expertise, via text and email

  • Discount code for future classes

  • Weekly emails with exercise tips, pep talks, mindfulness, and lots of loving inspiration

  • A community of likeminded moms who offer accountability and support



This sweaty class makes “me time” meaningful.

The training wheels are off.  It’s time to sweat. Take your newly healed and strong body to the next level with kick-your-booty workouts. You will layer larger movements with deep core connections and leave you feeling energized with a post-yoga glow. Developed to strengthen the core, INTEGRATION supports you as you transition into regular exercise, healthy living and your most centered self. You got this!  

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I am no longer afraid of my abdominal separation. I understand how to work with diastasis and heal it. My separation has firmed and is significantly smaller since I started Revolution Motherhood!
— Jessica
Revolution Motherhood is like the best of barre, yoga, therapy and church all rolled up into a sweaty workout just for moms! It’s out-of-this-world amazing, and I’m in the best shape of my life.
— Tessa
Unlike any other workout or ‘me time’ activity, this class is a deeply healing experience. I was addicted right away. Rachel takes the time to listen to you and your body and tailors each workout to the individuals in the room.
— Colleen
If you can dedicate just one hour a week to looking after yourself, GO TO THIS CLASS! Rachel is a postpartum expert and guru! She is endlessly generous, supportive, attentive and knowledgeable.
— Tamsyn