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This is the foundational video- you’ll use the power of your breath to find and stabilize your core again. Use a soft foam roller and mini ball to release tension through tight muscles and coordinate your movements again!

You will feel your glutes in this 13-minute video! Tone your backside with hip lifts, oblique work, and leg lifts.


Strengthen your foundation with these thigh-focused exercises. From lunges to squats, this 10-minute workout has it all.

This is an extended version of your foundational video with extra oblique and outer hip work.


In this video, you’ll learn that your abs have *many* parts, and you’ll work and feel all of them! Learn to coordinate your abdominal sheath for extra strength, tone, and healing.


Integrate the skills and strength you’ve built in this well-rounded yoga flow that focuses on lunges, core strength, and stability.


This 16-minute video will activate your glutes and work your strength. With more complex movements like squats and leg lifts, you’ll get a balanced, integrative workout for your lower body.

It only takes 13 minutes to feel your upper body in a whole new way. It starts gentle with some exercises to release tight hands and wrists, but then we’ll turn up the intensity with some lunges and and moves to integrate your entire upper body.


This sequence is focused on toning your waist - from forward folds to warriors to side plank variations, you’ll learn how the waist is responsible for communication between the upper and lower body for safe, powerful movements.

This yoga flow will work your inner thighs, hips, and core in a powerful way. You’ll feel your strength, your breath, and have the time to appreciate the amazing things your body can do.


Feel the burn in this flowing and strength-filled sequence! From squats to thigh work to core and upper body, you’re treated with a wonderful foam-rolling practice at the end to loosen up your tight muscles and leave you feeling blissed out and happy before you get on with your day!