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private programs

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Personally curated yoga, shiatsu, nutrition, 
coaching and Revolution Motherhood Programs

When working one-on-one, whether for a single consultation or a long-term program, you will receive my 20 years of yoga, shiatsu, eastern medicine, nutrition and emotional intelligence coaching expertise. Whether you want to heal an injury, develop your yoga practice, change your nutrition, manifest a major life change, or experience the profound relaxation of shiatsu body therapy, I am brilliant at zeroing in on where you are stuck and guiding you into making major personal breakthroughs. I approach every client with loving empathy and I will teach you how to uncover and fully embody your authentic expression of health and happiness!

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How it works


Step 1  - A Conversation

Exploring where you are, where you want to go and how I can get you there.


Step 2  - An Introductory Session

I see how you move and respond, where you're stuck and where you're strong so that together, we can bridge you into realizing your goals.


step 3 - Scheduling

We schedule 10-12 Weekly or Bi-Weekly Private Sessions together, in my space in Park Slope, in your home, or over the phone.


Step 4 - home work

You do your home work, I stay in touch with you via email in between our sessions, and we get you back into the HABIT of living authentically, healthy and happy!



I know that there is no ONE way to get embodied, to cut through the thick defensive mind and body walls that you have constructed to protect your heart. There are infinite ways in...and that is what I do best. I work with you in the moment, with the material, pain, hope and dreams that you carry and I see your way in. I will guide you, work with you, sit unwaveringly with your strongest emotions and greatest excitement. I will hold a space of unconditional love for you so that you can remember how to hold that space for yourself and become the champion of your own authentic life. I will encourage you, stretch you, share knowledge as you are ready to learn and most of all, I will hold the space for you to connect to your dreams and happiness!

When we choose to embark on a PRIVATE WELLNESS PROGRAM together, I curate your personalized combination of physical, nutritional and emotional practices that identify and draw on your strengths in order to enact lasting and satisfying changes in your body and life.

If you are looking for support and guidance to address your health and emotional well-being, are looking for private yoga instruction, or shiatsu body therapy, I invite you to get in touch. Let's explore how I can best support your health and happiness!