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Arriving Winter 2020: Become Revolution Motherhood™ Certified

Geared towards all certified movement teachers, Rachel will personally guide you through the fundamentals and nuances of her proprietary Revolution Motherhood™ Fitness Method. 

In this 50-Hour certificate program, you will learn the essentials of working with women at all stages of her post partum recovery, study postnatal physiology, including the most common postnatal injuries (organ prolapse, incontinence, wrist and back pain, pelvic tension and instability), learn how injuries inter-relate and when and how to collaborate with a pelvic specialized physical therapist. Learn how to effectively use soft foam rollers, yoga, PT, barre, cardio, pilates and muscle isolating techniques to maximize your understanding of core integration. This training will pull the veils back and expand your understanding of functional movement, athletic performance and women’s health. 

For the first time, I feel empowered and excited about my post natal healing rather than frustrated with my body’s limitations. The work you are doing is incredibly important and filling an enormous void in the women’s health community.
— Danni, teacher trainee and new mom


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